Bitsonic: Analog sound on your digital system

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Godlike started out as a project to pass our time, but through the years it became one of the best Mastering softwares on the market. It easily rivals the well-known Mastering softwares, but it maintains a reasonable and fair price.

There are several excellent quality Mastering programs in reachable price, but during long years none of them developed into the expected level. This software has been brought onto the market by need, and it includes some unique functions, that you cannot find in the competition's products.

The most important aspect of this program is that it is designed to emulate the behaviour of analogue circuits and tape recording. Digital mastering often leads to an unattractive, harsh sound, whereas analogue systems generally allow greater control of volume and tone to be achieved while retaining the smooth sound that most listeners prefer. The software is designed to allow this sweet analogue sound from your digital studio.

Godlike 3 Mini is the smallest member of the third generation Bitsonic Mastering software family. It's useful for users who only want to apply minimal changes to their recordings, and don't want to pay a heavy price for a software. The program contains a lot of features the other versions have, like Maximizer, Tube emulation, multiband compressor, equalizer and stereo enhancer. Furthermore, unlike other Mastering softwares the price is very low, but the quality of the sound is very high. The main differences compared to the Ultimate version are as follows:
1) No Mid-Side mode
2) No Auto-EQ
3) No Saturation
4) No HP or LP filter in the EQ
5) The Eq can only be edited in 6 frequency-ranges, instead of 7
6) The Compressor and the Stereo Image have only 3 frequency ranges instead of 4
7) No Standalone version

Godlike 3 Pro is the middle child of the series. It's useful for those who want to do more complex mastering projects. Godlike Mini is included in this package.
The software includes the Auto EQ application that maps the frequency values of the audio and changes them into a more linear frequency.
The Equalizer is editable in 7 different frequency ranges, and it includes a HP and an LP filter as well.
The software also has a 4 way multiband compressor and a 4 way stereo imager where the volume of the side and middle sounds can be edited. Their position in space can be changes with the Pan function, and if necessary the delay function can be used to create a greater sense of space.
The reverb function has the brand new feature of being able to change the intensity of the reverb from frequency to frequency.
Saturation is a whole new function where the audio sign can be edited in 4 frequency ranges. Using the feature the volume of the overtone sounds can be strengthened, and a more analog tune can be achieved.
Tube emulation is still a basic part of the Godlike series. The feature allows the software to create fat sub and nice high frequencies unlike any other program.
Maximizer helps with the prevention of overdrive, and with creating a higher volume for the audio.
If the frequency is treated with compressor or a HP filter, the software is capable of achieving a tune without distortion even at extreme (-2RMS) values.
Furthermore, a comparative wav file can be loaded as well. If the user wishes to compare the tune of the mastering created by us, and the tune of any other music, this feature is the key.

The main differences compared to the Ultimate version are as follows:
1) No Mid-Side mode
2) No Auto-EQ

Godlike 3 Ultimate is the strongest software in the group, created for those who like to work without making any compromises. The software has all the features of Pro, but the Mid-side mode is also included. Mid and side sounds can be edited separately in the EQ, the Stereo imager, the Reverb, and the multiband compressor features. Ultimate also includes the Standalone version, where Mastering tasks can be done without DAW, and it can be used in 64 bit systems as well. Furthermore, the package also has Mini and Pro included.