Bitsonic: Analog sound on your digital system

WT-01 RED v.1.4 40 % off

What you need to know about WT-01 Red:

-User friendly interface
-Dynamic sounding with 210 factory presets.
-4 main Wavetable based oscillators, each one with 221 different sounds.
-1 layered oscillator
-1 Sample based player, with 90 different sounds
- Dual Panorama, Gate, Filter, Arpeggio, Delay, Phaser
- High quality Reverb
- Compressor
- Keyboard Split mode
-The user can save Wavetables
-The user can load Custom Wavetables
-The user can change the pitch with Vibrato, simple pitch, or envelope pitch
-Transient increase
-Custom Tremolo
-Bit crusher
-High quality wavetable synthesis
-Wavetable editor
-Custom color


Fixes: In some situation the sequencers doesn't work. Crashes after changing presets. Full version worked like the demo. If you have v.1.0 install the v.1.3