The rights to Bitsonic are up for sale!

The following will be acquired by the purchaser:

- Company name
- E-mail addresses of registered users (about 3000 e-mails)
- Facebook page (with about 8000 followers)
- The website and all of its content
- The domain site
- The source codes of the softwares
- Layouts of the graphic interfaces

Most of the softwares are available for free, currently only 6 have to be paid for. Out of those, the most complicated and the ones with most capabilities are WT Red, a software synthesizer, and the mastering plugin that is the part of the Godlike 3 package.

I have personal reasons for selling Bitsonic, I've never had time to develop it the way it deserves. For example, creating the software is one thing, but marketing it is important too, and I'm not suitable for that on my own.

Buying Bitsonic could be a good opportunity for:

- Companies who can attract more customers using the softwares, without having to create new ones
- Someone who'd find the user database useful
- Someone who sees Bitsonic's potential and would be ready to further develop it
- New companies who don't have to start from scratch, but are capable of properly marketing the softwares
- Competitors who'd like to include Bitsonic's softwares

Important: the codes of the softwares do not run on 64 bit or on any operation system other than Windows. (Exception: Keyzone Classic). In case the new owner plans to make them compatible with other systems, they will have to rewrite the codes. Obviously, the acquired source codes are huge help with creating a new project later on, but it's not easy to make the softwares compatible with more known programming languages.

Cost: I don't want to overprice the brand. Bitsonic is, of course, valuable, but in all honesty, I don't know the exact price of it. Which is why I'm not setting a price, I'm going to wait for offers. I'm planning to have Bitsonic up for sale for a few months, this way, a new owner can make good use of it before this year ends.

After selling: If necessary, and within reason, I can provide further help with the softwares.

Contact: I'd like to request that only people or companies with serious inquiries send me a letter that includes the price they'd be willing to pay for Bitsonic.