64 BiT

Bitsonic applications run on 32 bit music maker/composer programs, but luckily there’s a great solution for them tor un on 64 bit systems without any issue. All you have to do is to download the Jbridge application, and install it in 3 minutes.

  • 1, Download from here: https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/
  • 2, Install the application
  • 3, Find the jBridger.exe application in the Program Files/jBridge folder.
  • 4, Run as Administrator

  • 5. Select „I’ll be using x64 (64bit) host. A new window should appear.

  • 6. Select the „Thorough file analysis”, „Replace sub-directory structure” and „Create bridging files for 32 bit plugins” options.
  • 7. Select the „Don’t add 32/64, names in destination folder” option at the bottom, then click „Create bridging files inside a directory I1ll specifly -> Highly recommended”
  • 8. The program will ask you the destination folder for 32 bit softwares. Find, and select the folder.
  • 9. Appoint a 64 bit folder as well.
  • 10. The system will find the 32 bit VST plugins. When finished a window will appear.
  • 11. Click OK.
  • 12, Now all that’s left is for you to run DAW as administrator.
  • From that point on, you will be able to use Bitsonic applications on 64 bit DAW as well.

    This part is all down to how your plugins are coded. When you run the 64-bit version and not all your plugins are coded in 64-bits, you have to deal with the bridge. The bridge allows you to run 32-bit plugins in the 64-bit environment.

    Other info: http://reaperblog.net/2012/02/should-you-use-32-or-64-bit-reaper/

    Other info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDhYVDgLxVs

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