WT-01 RED v.1.4 40 % off

Why do you need this software?

When we originally started to work on this software, we couldn't have imagined the result will go above all of our expectations. We asked ourselves many times whether there's a need for another Virtual analog software after Sylenth, Massive or Serum. The answer: we really think there is. This software can rival others similar to it. Just listening to the presets gives inspiration.

1. Clean oscillators

During Wavetable synthesis, unplanned frequencies cause inadequate sounding with most softwares. This software's algorithm processes the sounds in a way that these unplanned frequencies don't appear in the stream.

2. Transparency

Many great softwares are in confusing to use. Our software has a clear-cut system that shows the settings, so that the user can change any setting as fast and easy as possible.


The oscillators are separated to two sections, and they can be control with separate settings. Using the Split mode the sectioned oscillators can be treated as two different synthesizer.

4. Programs

By default, there are 240 different presets, but there's no limit to how many tones can be mixed. The user can save the mixed Wavetable, or load a custom Wav. If the user prefers not to mix the sound themselves, they can buy more besides the default ones.

5. Modulation / Sequence

The WT-01's strong point is are the different modulations and sequencer settings. Using them, the sounding can be modified without limits.

6. Custom color

The WT-01 is not just RED. It is BLUE or GREEN or YELLOW or...